Monday, 27 April 2015

From the Top Drawer LXIII - Jud Suss

 Obviously taking their name from the 1940 film, is this a celebration of their upbringing within a certain ethnic group? A heartfelt cry for understanding?

 Who knows, who cares...would they themselves even want to remember?

A 1987 transmission

 Witnessed on several occasions performing at Club Dog when it was held at the Trade Union Centre in Wood Green, North London, this tape plumbs the very depths of obscurity & questionable taste, and consequently it is an honour to offer it up for your listening pleasure here.

Exhibit One

The tape appears to be named 'Hey Juden' - here's a possible track listing...

Side One: A Song From The Old Country/Cross Over Cross Out/Vot You Talkin-Tower Of Babel/Branson

Side Two: Zionisme/Baseball Cap On/One Small Business/Your So In Your Out

Ripped as two side-long tracks @320kbps

Saturday, 4 April 2015

From the Top Drawer LXII - Junkwaffel

 This is another post where I have very little info on the band, but I suspect they came from the South West of the UK.
 After trawling the infowebs the only 'official' release that I can find is 'The Mudskipper EP' which came out on Planet Dog Records in 1995. This EP's main claim to fame (in addition to the excellent original tunes) is that it contains a couple of remixes engineered by Portishead and Eat Static, thereby becoming something of a completist/collector's item. The EP was also recorded by, and engineered at, Ed (Ozric) Wynne's studio at The Mill in Somerset - a note on the artwork supplied with this cassette shows that some of this tape was recorded at The Mill as well, no doubt by Ed and possibly during the same sessions.

The music is funky and danceable with some vocals over the (organic) bass and beats, and is going to appeal to a more groove orientated listener, though it is spacey in its own way, with a great dub track included. Think modern-day funky Gong and the more world music-based Ozrics tracks and you won't go far wrong.

Tracklisting is:
Side One: Spirit Zone / Elyz / Beta Base
Side Two: BA-11 / Mudskippaz / Yamm7(?)

Ripped and digitized as two side-long tracks @320kbps

Remix from the 'Mudskipper EP'