Sunday, 21 December 2014

Solstice Shenanigans

To paraphrase Frank Zappa - 'this blog is not dead, it just smells funny...' Yep, been busy for a while.

 Anyway, to celebrate the Winter Solstice of 2014 and the imminent return of the sun to the Northern Hemisphere, here we have a brace of live shows recorded at the mighty Club Dog during the years 1989-1990. All (except maybe Treatment) are audience recordings (taped using a stereo pair of PZM microphones onto a cassette deck) from the back of the main room at the Sir George Robey pub in Finsbury Park, North London, so quite rough'n'ready but very listenable quality-wise.

 I'm posting them all together as I don't have any artwork or images that relate to the tapes themselves, as they live in a wooden box with only simple scribbles to identify both them and their dates of origin (thanks very much for the lend, Michael!) No track details either, except for the Treatment tape which I think may have been issued as a cassette that was sold from the merch table at the Robey.

Here are the files - all ripped @320kbps and joined together (without a break where possible) into one file from the two sides of the tape.
All are archived using the 7z program which can be downloaded free from here -

Treatment - 3rd March 1989    DOWNLOAD HERE

Earthnicht - 22nd September 1989   DOWNLOAD HERE

Karma Kanix - 6th October 1989   DOWNLOAD HERE

Oroonies - 8th December 1989 (Setlist can be viewed in the comments section)
                                                                                        DOWNLOAD HERE

Rhythmites - 26th January 1990   DOWNLOAD HERE

Ullulators - 16th February 1990   DOWNLOAD HERE

Third Ear Band - 11th May 1990(?)   DOWNLOAD HERE

Some (but not all) pictures may have been taken at the Sir George Robey 

There is a short YouTube video that I was hoping to add to this post, but unfortunately the embedding is disabled, so try this link...