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From the Top Drawer LIX - Treatment

Happy Winter Solstice to all.
Here's one of the earliest tapes released by London-based Treatment, called 'Intensive' which dates from 1982. Things and stuff have been written about the band on previous posts so I'm just gonna go ahead and copy and paste some self-penned autobiography taken from their own (what looks like still-under-construction) website -

We were just teenagers looking for something worth being. Our good friend Derek Holder taught us the basics of rock and blues, and together with him and Dave Catlin Birch on drums, we formed a crap band.
The name was pinched from Phil Shutt of Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come (a truly psychedelic outfit); the music was ripped off from all around. Although pretty naff, we were vaguely competent and entertaining, so some of our gigs weren't disasters, and we did have some followers. Over its three to four years the band had several line-ups, which included Graham Cronin on drums, guitarists Adam Blake and Simon Economides, Paul Hutchinson on vocals, and the (almost) always present Jonny Chubb as recordist, before it finally ran out of steam.
This was all happening through the mid-seventies: Sorry... we didn't form a punk band; we were Grammar School boys, hippies/yobs/arties or whatever, smoking dope, drinking and taking acid, who didn't want to pretend otherwise. Nevertheless punk (not just the famous few, but the hordes of real nutters who emerged at the time) helped us escape all the dreadful pretensious star-rock and floydy mush of the time.
Meanwhile we'd left school and were in or out of duff jobs, except Gordon, who was at Essex University. Adam and then Clive joined the Cannibals (Mike Spenser's seemingly immortal [then R&B and latterly Trash] band, in which Clive is currently bassist yet again!). In 1979 Clive, Graham and Paul McWhinnie (another school mate, and pukka pianist to boot) decided we wanted a band whose music wasn't ruled by guitar patterns. Even so, we invited Gordon to join us - he knew better than most how to shut up as well as to play, and thus was born what became Treatment.

Through 1979 and 1980, free rehearsals and two gigs at The Basement youth club in Covent Garden (eternal thanks to them), and two appearances at the Covent Garden Community Festival established the band's identity. During this time Adam evolved from honoured guest to full member, and numbers such as Stamp Out Mutants, Nightmare, Blot Out, I Wanna Meet You, Nothinghead and Doncha Know all emerged.
Early in 1981 Graham left the band and was replaced by Paul 'Mr Rah' Ross, who had been up at Essex with Gordon (together in Psycho Hamster). Around this time, Bob (later to become the renowned Bob Dog) joined Jonny to form the offstage part of the band, responsible for mixing, effects, recording and merciless (and sometimes justified) criticism. We also took a squat in Chepstow Road, near to Portobello Road (well, most of us did), along with several friends including the late and lamented Small Paul, who became our roadie and confidant.
Thank God (or the milk snatcher) for mass unemployment. We signed on with little hassle, cashed our Giros, lived in squats, bedsits or with sympathetic parents & friends, stayed up all night, got stoned, tripped out and whatever else, and could indulge ourselves to the degree necessary for our mission. It wasn't just us; there was a whole thing going: Here & Now, Nik Turner's Inner City Unit, Grant Showbiz, Kiff Kiff, The Androids of Mu, to name just a few.
We generally went down well at free festivals (Stonehenge 80 - 85, plus many more in the early 80s, such as Norwich and Torpedotown), squat venues and gigs run by ourselves and friends, but pub gigs were a bit more iffy; no drugs, security wankers, rip-off promoters, straight bands and uninterested audiences being the main drawbacks. One of the few venues which suited us was The Crypt Club, run by a couple of ex-coppers in the crypt of St Paul's Deptford.
Plenty more happened, but that isn't the early years, so there...

Ripped from an original cassette (no label artwork to see - just an anonymous-looking black thing) @320kbps as two side-long tracks. Tunes and info as listed on the artwork scans above.

Get a copy HERE

After some years working as a music journalist and playing with Natacha Atlas and Cornershop, Adam Blake nows plays guitar with the wonderful Lunar Dunes with whom he has recorded two albums to date.

More info from the Delerium Records page on the band

Thursday, 28 November 2013

From the Top Drawer LVIII - KarmaKanix

There's not too much info online about the KarmaKanix, certainly not much more than when I posted their three track cassette HERE so go there to pick up that particular selection and read about their history.

 Earlier in 2013 I had some news that their bassplayer Gary Subassa (Subs) is now playing with Steffe Sharpstrings and Steve Cassidy in 'Sentient', not sure whether this is still the case. Explore the links to hear some info/new music from these guys.

Here we have a gig recorded at Club Dog at The George Robey in Finsbury Park, London dated 6th October 1989, presumably taped from the back of the main room straight onto a cassette deck using two PZM microphones taped high on the wall above the audience. Tape used was a TDK SA90 and quality is very good in my opinion. Just short of an hour's worth of great psoundz for your amusement (tape cut/join at 47m 27secs to accomodate tape flip).

Ripped from the original cassette recording @320kbps.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

From the Top Drawer LVII - Magic Mushroom Band

It's that time of the year (at least in the UK) when weird funguses are blooming across the land and inspiring folks to walk fields, parks, golf courses, hillsides etc (best to try where cattle have been kept, but not necessarily) in search of these little helpers and guides which open the Doors of Perception and lead the intrepid traveller a merry internal dance beyond the veil...

The Magic Mushroom Band were originally founded in 1982 in Bracknell, UK as a "psychedelic space pop" band by Gary Masters (Gary Moonboot, guitar), Kim Russell (Kim Oz, vocals) and guitarist Gary Twining. Wayne Buaku (bass) and Jim Lacey (drums) completed the band.

Later they formed their own label Fungus Records and started working together with the Magick Eye Records as well. Kim Russell married Garry to became Kim Masters.

Soon after Marc Hunt (AKA Swordfish) replaced drummer Jim Lacey in 1989, they began to explore the Ambient-Dub (and eventually Goa/Trance/House) territory with their side-project Astralasia. While the members still considered themselves mainly as being the Magic Mushroom Band, Astralasia was a huge success from the start, and they soon spent more time on the side project than on the original formation.

After the founding members Gary Moonboot and Kim Oz left, the band has been "on hold" since 1995. The side-project Astralasia is still alive and active. (Discogs page on the band)

This tape is 'Live 1989' and was ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks
Songs are as above on the artwork. As you can see there are a few cover versions included...and the set features an appearance from the ubiquitous Joie Ozric on keyboards.

Get a copy HERE

Garry has written a book about his life and experiences in the band and beyond...

Magic Mushroom Band playing 'Living In A Dream' at Reading Town Hall - 1983-ish

Thursday, 22 August 2013

From the Top Drawer LVI - Back To The Planet

Feeling lazy today so I'm gonna let Wikipedia introduce this band to you, as if you don't know who they are already -
'Back To The Planet (BTTP) formed while squatting together in Peckham, London in 1989, and attracted a following throughout the early 1990s. They played four consecutive Glastonbury Festivals and played many free festivals, including the Deptford Urban Free Festival and the Castlemorton Common Festival in 1992. BTTP were vociferous in their resistance to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.
Their music blended elements of ska, dub, punk, and dance music.
Their first album, 'Warning the Public', was released on their own record label, Arthur Mix Records, based in Hither Green. In 1993, the band signed to Parallel Records, and released a chain of singles. BTTP split not long after the release of 'Messages After The Bleep' in 1995, to pursue personal music projects.
 BTTP performed a reunion gig at the Red Star Bar in Camberwell on 10 December 2006. They also played at the Endorse It In Dorset Festival on 12 August 2007, and the main stage at the 2007 Beautiful Days festival, but to a smaller than expected crowd owing to them clashing with Bill Bailey. BTTP played the Paradise Gardens free festival, London on 25 May 2008, and at the Endorse It In Dorset, SolFest and Shambala festivals in summer 2008. 
Back to the Planet appeared at Glastonbury, and EnDorset in Dorset during the summer of 2009. Back to the Planet played the Wickerman festival in 2010. They played the Levelling the Land Part II tour, along with The Levellers and Dreadzone, in December 2011, headlined Rogues Picnic in May 2012, and played Bearded Theory festival in May 2012.

Back to the Planet made a late-night appearance at The Bimble Inn at Beautiful Days Festival on Friday 17 August 2012 and are confirmed to play Alchemy Festival 20-22 September 2013.'

Side One: Teenage Turtles / London City / You're The Judge / Starved By Ignorance
Side Two: Misunderstood / Human Error / Daydream
Ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks
Get yer copy HERE
Just gonna add a personal reminiscence which in the light of later projects by a couple of members of the band seems somewhat ironic - I think it was from the band stage at Castlemorton Festival in May 1992 that I heard singer Fil slagging off the new-to-the-festival-scene 'cheesy-quavers/ravers' (probably more because of their lack of outdoor toilet etiquette than anything else - 'if you shit in the woods take a shovel mate') - keyboard player Guy McAffer went on to become Guy 'The Geezer', a well-known acid techno producer, and drummer Henry Cullen went on to become 'D.A.V.E the Drummer', a techno producer and DJ. Hohoho...

(Couldn't resist posting on it for a larger view)

Part Two can be found HERE

BTTP's own website is HERE

Saturday, 3 August 2013

From the Top Drawer LV - Wooden Baby

A double dose of live Wooden Baby from Club Dog at the Sir George Robey pub in London - one set from late 1989 and one from early 1990. The two sets, although only a few months apart, show some differences in sound and attitude, with the first more of a live expression of their studio sound including vocals at that time and the second showing more of an influence of the burgeoning acid house/rave dance scene.

Wooden Baby of course would soon reshuffle their personnel, losing founder member/singer Charlie Daniel and adding the talents of Joie Hinton and on occasion Steve Everett, renaming themselves Eat Static to become one of the cutting-edge pioneers of the electronic dance and ambient scene of today. So this is a chance to hear them on the cusp of a tranceformation.

(Yep, it's that same flyer again...I don't have any pics of the band from this era.)

'In its later guise, Wooden Baby produced some of the most incredible music of the late 1980s, hinting at and fusing elements of goth, punk, techno, acid house, ambient, industrial and space rock. However, not only did they hint at these genres, they excelled at them. 'Exorcism of Anu' could easily be a Sisters of Mercy track; 'Impossible Maze' sounds like the Sex Pistols with an electronic backing track; Hawkwind would be proud of tracks like 'The Birds' and 'Execution', while 'Bath Scum' sounds like an improved version of 'Theme from S-Express', and is an early example of the dance music themes that Eat Static would explore in the 1990s.

Despite Pepler's prowess as a drummer, Wooden Baby employed a drum machine which immediately gave their sound the feel of electronic music rather than that of a conventional band set-up. Many of the tracks featured vocals, from either Pepler's goth-tinged singing or the at-times-crazed wailing and shouting of Daniel. The lyrical themes were often dark and ominous, lending an extra "edge" to what was already very darkly psychedelic music.'

Sets are audience recordings from the back of the Main Room at the Sir George Robey pub in Finsbury Park, North London, using two PZM microphones onto chrome cassettes. Unfortunately they seem to be incomplete.
1) Friday 8th December 1989
2) Friday 16th February 1990
No track list or personnel info available but almost certainly Merv Pepler and Charlie Daniel were involved.
(CORRECTION - Charlie has let me know that he was not involved with these live recordings and the personnel for these sets was - Merv Pepler, Joie Hinton, Nick Timberlake & Clive Browne)

Download HERE

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

From the Top Drawer LIV - Spirit People

Spirit People was a project formed by Cyrung (Australian Craig Miller), perhaps better known later on as the didge-playing and singing frontman of Tribal Drift, and who was around the time of this tape's release briefly a member of Lights In A Fat City.

This particular recording features 9 didge players with percussion who 'weave a jungly journey' and seems to have been recorded in New South Wales in 1989. Excellent atmospheric sounds.

I also was loaned a 'copy of a copy' of a tape a friend of mine picked up years ago at a fair or street market sort of thing in Australia. The only words on it are : 'Spirit People'. It is very nice. Sounds like two, perhaps three didge players with various drums and click sticks. That's all, no nature sounds. Just good rhythms and didj playing.
Reviewer: Ed Drury
There are two tapes of Spirit People. The first was described in Ed Drury's abstract. It actually features 9 didge players and was recorded in NS Wales around 1989. One of those players goes by the name of Cyrung. For a short time in 1990, he was a part of Lights in a Fat City. As far as I know, he now lives in London. His credits include playing on a CD by the group COIL.
Reviewer: Stephen Kent
Nine didjeridus and natural percussion produce the varying sounds and rhythm of the natural world.
Reviewer: The Australian Cultural Experience
A collectors piece, 9 didgeridoos and percussion weave a jungly journey. Four tracks, each 10 minutes.
Reviewer: Cyrung'    
- More info -

Side One : 1. One  2. Love  /  Side Two : 1. Jungle  2. Life

Ripped as two side-long tracks @320kbps
Grab a copy HERE

Alternate artwork

Monday, 8 July 2013

Rick Simpson - Darkcity Phoenix Tears Rising

'Who is Rick Simpson?
Rick Simpson rediscovered a way of cannabis oils for the treatment of cancer. He has dedicated more than a decade of his life to informing the world of this incredible medicine.

More Informations:

By making this campaign successful, you will be helping Rick Simpson to fulfil his dream of producing high quality, healing cannabis oil to give to those who need it and to supplying seeds worldwide in a NON-PROFIT environment without fear of legal retribution.

Campaign Goals
The aim of this Campaign is to finance Rick Simpson in creating a cannabis seed bank of medical cannabis strains recommended for the production of RSO and a cannabis association to allow rick to legally produce RSO and supply RSO treatment to those who need it most.

Why a Seedbank?
Rick Simpson wants to provide the correct medical cannabis seeds of selected strains to anyone who is looking to treat their severe medical ailments with RSO. He says the only way to know you're getting the best produce, is to make it yourself.

Why Spain?
Because Spain has quite a sensible approach to the medical cannabis issue in which it allows private non profit associations to provide its members with cannabis for medical or even recreational use.'
Stage 1 info & Donate - Phoenixtears Compassion Club

If you haven't seen Rick's film 'Run From The Cure' go HERE 

Friday, 21 June 2013

From the Top Drawer LIII - Third Ear Band

Happy Solstice to all.
Although this tape was recorded in a club one chilly December night, Third Ear Band's music might be at least as well experienced at an open air summer event, preferably one within a short distance from an array of standing stones, accompanied by a timeless flavour of earthy mystery.
'Third Ear Band originated from Canterbury (sic) and started out as a psychedelic band called The Giant Sun Trolley gaining residency in south-London clubs doing long and improvisations and eventually changing their names to The Hydrogen Jukebox, recording one live album. Having finished their concert recording they discovered all their equipment stolen. So by sheer coincidence and obvious necessity, they became an acoustic band taking the name Third Ear Band.
They are considered by many to be the first who invented the term "world" music. Published during the late 60s an album as "Alchemy" is seen as a landmark of ethnic fusion music, including many elements of improvisations and obvious eastern and medieval accents. They used a lot of "raga" instrumentations thanks to cyclical, dancing oboe patterns and "tabla" percussions. They often included jazzy rock parts next to India spiritual music. Stylistically this is a band who have brought to the fore a kind of "transcultural" music. Their impressive and cult first effort was followed by what we can consider to be the summit of their career. Their self titled album recorded in 1970 is an outstanding collection of ethereal, ethnic improvisations, totally floating, ecstatic, consequently directed to a high level of consciousness. A real travel through suggestive, imaginative dreamscapes. The music is executed with genius and always orientated in favour of various acoustic experimentations.
Originally released in 1972 for the Roman Polanski movie, their following "Macbeth" carries on this intense, trippy musical adventure but stresses the folk & medieval acoustic structures (including for the first time some vocals). Atmospheres are sometimes creepy & sinister admitting weird and melodic guitar lines. The music is less improvised and really turned to efficient, enchanting, moody and medieval ambiences. This one is recognised as their most popular effort. After a long break the band recorded in 1988 the album "Live Ghosts" with a new line up, continuing a similar musical experience, always making a fusion between a sensitive raga / ethnic style and powerful jazzy rock improvisations. Their following efforts "Magic Music" (1990) and "Brain Waves" (1993) include more evident electronic arrangements and a mystical jazz/ ethnic rock combinations.'

This tape was recorded at Club Dog @the Sir George Robey pub, Finsbury Park, London on 15th December 1989 (the very gig on the flyer above). There are seven (correction: eight) tunes included here, I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with the band to identify them.
(Recording notes - 2xPZM microphones above rear of audience>cassette deck>chrome cassette>>cassette deck>PC>sound editor>spliced@41m10secs>320kbps .mp3)

More info on this gig including track titles and personnel has kindly been supplied by the Ghetto Raga blogspot and can be found HERE

Download HERE

Third Ear Band Official Archive

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Oroonies are Undone

Just a little reminder between my own posts that the Oroonies are offering a free download of their latest offering 'Undone' in full quality .wav format from this page -

'After a 20 year snooze, The Oroonies emerge coughing and spluttering into the light of day. Use, reuse, abuse and confuse as you will. Track Listings: Legba, His Memory is Lost, Gone Beyond, Lets Do It Together, Bodies Disappear, You Must Learn Our Signs, Kalfou, Putti Putti, Parasamgate.'

The magic still lives on...O Mighty Ones!

Friday, 31 May 2013

From the Top Drawer LII - Banco de Gaia

Here's an act that doesn't really need an introduction, but here's a brief one from Wikipedia anyway -
'Banco de Gaia is an electronic music band from England, formed in 1989 by Toby Marks (born 1964, South London).
The music of Banco de Gaia is best categorized as ambient dub, but Marks works to cross genres, often using Arabic and Middle Eastern samples against a bass heavy reggae, rock, or trance rhythm to produce deeply textured tracks that progress layer upon layer.'

'Freeform Flutes & Fading Tibetans' is the second of BdG's cassette-only releases in 1992 (although I believe the album got a limited release on CD-R from the BdG website in 2003).

It has never had a proper commercial issue on CD or vinyl because some of the samples used have never got clearance for copyright, but the sound on tape is pretty good and there shouldn't be too many complaints about the overall quality.

Some tracks here will already be familiar to fans since versions of them also appeared on releases such as 1993's 'Desert Wind' EP, the 'Ambient Dub' compilations on Beyond Records and BdG's 1994 debut full-length album 'Maya'.

Side One: Desert Wind / Lai Lah / Soufie / Alpha (Waves All In My Brain)
Side Two: Therapy / Terra Om / Theta / Darkside / Eternal Recurrence

Ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks
Get it HERE

Banco de Gaia website

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

From the Top Drawer LI - Mandragora

 'Mandragora are a space-rock/world dance-music band from Brighton, England, whose formative output can be described as psychedelic rock with ethnic sounds and tribal rhythms. Formed in 1983, the band have released 5 albums of their own, and a collaborative album with Phil Thornton. They built up a loyal following on the free festival circuit of the 1980s and 1990s, and were signed to Delerium Records. In recent years Mandragora have evolved into a world music/electronic dance act featuring singers and musicians from all corners of the globe.' (Wikipedia)

Although nowadays Mandragora are, as mentioned above, a world dance music act, at the time of this recording they were more of an abstract space-rock outfit featuring the keyboards and synths of 'New Age synth guru' (gulp!) Phil Thorton and the guitar and vocals of founder member Simon Williams, and played many free festivals and gigs on the UK and European underground circuit.
This recording would have taken place in the period between the releases of their 'Over The Moon' and 'Head First' albums.

This is a first generation rip from a tape made by Michael Dog onto a chrome cassette using two PZM microphones fixed high up onto the wall at the back of the main room at Club Dog, then hosted on Friday nights at the Sir George Robey pub in Finsbury Park, London. Quality is very good, with only one cut around the 47 minute mark to accomodate the tape flip.
Sides A & B are joined together as one.

- Tracklisting -
Talking To God
Pendulum & The Pit
Hold On To Our Dream
Rainbow Warrior
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Solstice Song / Yesterdays Tomorrow
Eleanor Rigby
Magic Musick
(Thanks to Pete for track ID)

Date is 1st December 1989 as on the flyer.

Ripped as usual @320 kbps
Get a copy of it HERE

Live in Kharkov, Ukraine 1995

Friday, 26 April 2013

From the Top Drawer L - Timeshard

Timeshard was formed in Liverpool in 1988 by Gobber, Sim and Angstrom.
'As the very first acid house hit the streets our three intrepid chrononauts hit the stages of the UK with their bizarre technoid collision of sound. To give you some idea of the early 'Shard - they were compared to Vangelis, Motorhead, Brian Eno, Throbbing Gristle, the Radiophonic Workshop and Kraftwerk, among others. 

Live @Club Dog

The live set looked like the centre console of Doctor Who's tardis, hand made synth equipment vied with some pretty nifty, but out of fashion 'analogue' synths, with with the band members running around the circular set-up frantically re-locating cables from one module to another mid 'song' . 

 Our chrononaut heroes encounter the Time Tunnel

The whole performance seemed more like a chaotic sci-fi experiment than a traditional 'band' performance. There were hardly any other bands creating live electronic music like this, so the audience danced with a weird guilty look on their faces, like "I'm enjoying this but probably shouldn't be" the media consensus was - electronic music isn't real music kids!

The extended sound collages mutated across the hour long sets, these were interwoven woven with the themes which became early songs such as 'Atlantis' and '25th Century''.

(text adapted from their own blurb on their website

Called 'Hypoborean Dome Temples Of Apollo', this tape was issued in 1992 and has been ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks, tracklisting as above. (Click on pic for bigger version)

 Get a copy HERE


One of my favourite electronic/organic acts from this era - able to deliver a kaleidoscopic horizontal home-listening experience for mind-wandering on album and EP and a formidable live act if you like an uber-squelchy experience on the dancefloor. Shame they're not still performing these days...but it seems they're not ruling it out completely either...

You can order Timeshard CDs and get links for iTunes from the Planet Dog Records website HERE
Well worth shelling out for.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

From the Top Drawer XLIX - Earthnicht

Earthnicht was a short-lived side-project centred around musicians from bands who regularly played at Club Dog at the Sir George Robey in Finsbury Park, North London, and who would also play at various squat/free/benefit gigs in London and further afield. Earthnicht live consisted of (when available) five full kit drummers (Sean, Jonee, Nick, Tanya and Generator John), a sax player (the ubiquitous Danny) and a synth/keyboard player (Paul).

Kicking off the opening night of the 1989 autumn season at Club Dog...

With this line-up, naturally the music focused on driving syncopated rhythms topped with improvised sound. When the drummers gelled and synchronised, the audience was in for a thunderous, danceable treat.

This tape (Earth Heartbeat) was compiled from live shows in London and Milton Keynes
 - tracks as above.
Ripped @320kbps as two side-long tracks
Get it HERE

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From the Top Drawer XLVIII - Astralasia

Back in the saddle again after a bit of a hiatus, here we are with a new post.
Happily I have been lent a box of cassettes by an old friend (thank you Michael!) which contains a number of gems from back-in-the-day and I shall be ripping them to upload over the next months along with scanned artwork etc. (filehosting and copyright claims permitting!).
Astralasia are a dance and ambient act who started off as an offshoot of the Magic Mushroom Band, a well-loved group who played many psychedelic gigs and festival appearances from 1982 into the 1990s.
Soon after Marc Hunt (aka Swordfish) replaced drummer Jim Lacey in 1989, members of the band began to explore Ambient-Dub (and eventually Goa/Trance/House) territory with Astralasia. While the members still considered themselves mainly as being the Magic Mushroom Band, Astralasia was a huge success from the start, and they soon spent more time on the side project than on the original formation until Astralasia took over and as far as I know, the (affectionately known) Mushies have been 'on hold' since 1995.

'Originally founded as a dub-oriented side-project to the UK's legendary psychedelic rock-ensemble Magic Mushroom Band, Astralasia have quickly gone on to outlive and creatively outflank their former mothership. The group's music is a high-energy concoction of trance-infused electronic wizardry, intoxicating live-grooves and well-chilled moments of sheer sonic bliss. In 1993, the project garnered international attention thanks to their classic remix of Porcupine Tree's breakthrough track 'Voyage 34' and since then, the six-piece have never ceased to further develop and refine their sound.' (from their own website -

'Vol.2' is an early but ahead-of-its-time 1990 cassette release from this ambient/dance act who have gone from strength to strength and sophistication over their more than 20 years existence. It features an appearance by David Jackson of Van Der Graaf Generator on sax & flute.
('Tracklisting is very similar to that of the "Astralasia" album. "Astralasia (ambient mix)" appears as "Astralasia Pt.2" on that release.' Discogs)

Ripped as two side-long tracks @320kbps
Get a copy HERE  

Saturday, 9 February 2013

From the Top Drawer XLVII - The Ullulators

This almost totally electronic 1994 studio release from the Ullulators sees them exploring the world of 1990s dance culture with excursions into ambient techno/trance, trip-hop, samples and loops and what would later come to be known as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music).

Diehard fans of their earlier, guitar-based organic style and those likely to be offended by any extended series of repetitive beats may be disappointed by the changes, but anyone who has ears to listen will be rewarded by some finely crafted tunes which still retain the Ullulators' signature vision of playful spacy experimentation topped with world music overtones...

Ripped from an original cassette as two side-long tracks @320kbps - tracklisting as above.
Get a copy HERE