Sunday, 23 September 2012

From the Top Drawer XLIII - Trilogy

  Before exploring the delights offered by the free festival/underground gig circuit of the 1980s and looking around for fresh musical experiences, I dabbled in the burgeoning so-called New Wave of Progressive Rock that was hitting the clubs of the UK. Some of those bands went on to fame and fortune, such as Marillion, and to some degree IQ and Pendragon, all of whom are still functioning today. My particular tastes at the time ran to bands like Twelfth Night (RIP Geoff Mann - a great frontman who left the band and later became a priest!), Pallas and Trilogy.

  Trilogy were a three-piece act from Essex (?) who I saw a few times playing in London at venues such as the Marquee in Wardour St which was a regular gig for many of the bands mentioned here. Very much influenced by Rush circa 'Permanent Waves' and 'Moving Pictures', they were excellent musicians who recorded a session broadcast on the BBC Friday Rock Show and shopped around for a major record deal but unfortunately never received one, folding sometime around 1985.

  This 1983 four track cassette EP 'Arctic Life' (the only one I have, alas) is a good representation of what they were capable of live. Highly recommended to those who like late 70s and early 80s Rush, give it a miss if you don't ;-)

 The line-up for this tape was: 
Paul Dennis - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass Pedals, Vocals
Mark Bloxsidge - Bass Guitar
Nik Szymanek - Drums, Percussion

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Trilogy have a website HERE
 (from where these pictures come)
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